Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Toothache on vacation

It’s a nightmare  for travelers, having  a toothache or cracked tooth when you are far from home. It can ruin your vacation too.

The best way to battle a toothache is to visit the nearest dentist. You can always Google, as our previous patient always do. They end up using GPS or asking any people about the direction.

The treatment given depends on the  types of dental emergency you have. Usually we will take a radiograph (xray) to see the condition of the tooth. If restorable, dental filling will be done. If the pain is severe, disturb your sleep and unrestorable, we can provide you emergency treatment to reduce the pain and give some medication. 

This emergency treatment gives a temporary relief that usually bearable enough until you can receive the professional treatment from your regular dentist.

Contact us if you cannot find our location. We are here to help you ^_^

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